According to expert, Amory Lovins, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, the industry has vastly the scope of the resource. Lovins claims that it’s design, not technology that can achieve incredibly efficiency gains. Using his own home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains as an example, Lovins shows how simple changes in design have allowed him to grow banana crops using only natural sunlight and reduce the amount of he uses significantly. 

He writes in the abstract for his new report, “How big is the energy efficiency resource,” that the “efficiency resource far exceeds the sum of savings by individual technologies because artfully choosing, combining, sequencing, and timing fewer and simpler technologies can save more energy at lower cost than deploying more and fancier but dis-integrated and randomly timed technologies.”

He calls this method “integrative design” and says that it “is not yet widely known or applied, and can seem difficult because it is simple.”

Watch the video below for a complete description and download the full report here.

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