As with every other type of electronics, video cameras have improved in both quality and price throughout the years. Despite this, it is still relatively expensive to get the “latest thing.” In terms of cameras, one of the latest things is recording quality. You have to pay a premium to get this level of clarity, so the natural question is “is this really necessary?” We will take an in-depth look at this question so that the answer becomes clear.


1080p Video Quality is Just Hitting the Security Market

In a nutshell, the arrival of a newer technology level means two main things. The first is that it’s much more expensive than it has to be. If you’re looking to stick within a budget, one of the first things to do is avoid 1080p.

The second is that in some cases, it could be more prone to glitches. This is especially true for systems made by small companies that try to “upgrade” their systems without also upgrading the rest of their equipment. Images that use 1080p need much more storage space than those that are done in 720p or lower, so more hard drive (or solid state drive) space will be needed, faster connections will be required to deliver the data without lag, and there may be a need for other upgrades. Products that don’t account for this will be problematic.

Is 1080p Even Necessary?

The simple answer is no. You get quite fine video quality with 720p, and even that isn’t really needed in most cases. The grainy security cam footage of the past came from systems that recorded to VCR tapes from cheap cameras, and that sort of technology hasn’t been sold in years. When you see this type of grainy footage on today’s news broadcasts, it simply means that the store (or other location) that took the videos was using seriously old equipment.

If you want to see the difference between 720p and 1080p for yourself, it’s easy to do: Just go to YouTube and choose any video that has a thumbnail that looks halfway decent. Click it, and use the gear icon to select 1080p. Then, after you watch the video long enough to get a good idea of what that looks like, hit the gear icon again and select 720p.

When you do that, you should notice that the quality of the 720p is slightly lower than the 1080p. That may make a difference if you’re recording to produce entertainment, but for a security , it’s not worth spending any extra money for. You can still see all of the features of a person’s face and everything that’s going on, and that’s all you need for a security camera .

Are There Benefits to Choosing 720p or Lower?

Yes, and this is why established security systems like Protect America prefer it. One is that you can fit more 720p footage in the same storage space than you can with 1080p. Another is that streaming is less prone to lagging at 720p. Finally, the 720p allows the company to offer deals like “up to $1400 of free equipment” – and have this amount to a full hardware package!


Save Money and Get a Great System

When you look at a security system, it pays to check beyond the number of pixels a camera uses. Then, you’ll be sure you don’t miss out on any great offerings. One such offering is the package from Protect America. It not only provides cameras, but includes a motion sensor, monitored smoke detection, a touchscreen control panel, and home automation. Best of all, this package is free when you sign up for the company’s monitoring service!

  • Monitoring frees you to pay attention to other things
  • Excellent hardware package provides intrusion detection and smoke detection as well as video records
  • Up to $1400 worth of hardware is free when you sign a monitoring contract with Protect America

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