When the air conditioning is on, the fan will only blow for about 2 minutes at a time. Then it's off for about 15-20 minutes, then blows for another 2. Even if I tell it specifically to run the fan, it seems to ignore that command and just blows on its own schedule.

It takes HOURS just to cool the house by a couple of degrees! Why doesn't it just blow the cold air until it's done? I can hear the compressor running the whole time (it's right outside our living room window), so it's not like it's saving energy that way. It's just keeping us hot and sweaty for no reason that I can tell!

I have all the scheduling and eco options turned off, so I can't see any settings that would tell it to do anything but blow cold air until it's cool.

Please help. It's 100° today (not that it behaves any differently in 80° weather) and my wife gets bitchy when she's hot.

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