Pepperl+Fuchs announces R200 and R201 photoelectric sensors

June 21, 2018: With the and designs, the product design of from Pepperl+Fuchs enables applications with longer operating distances. Just like the cR100, R101, and R103 series, both products offer all functional principles in a design that is now larger and suitable for specific mounting situations.

The R200 and R201 series offer photoelectric functional principles: thru-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors with a polarization filter or for clear object recognition, energetic diffuse mode sensors, sensors with background suppression and foreground suppression, measuring light barriers with two switch points, and distance sensors.

All series have an identical look and feel during parameterization. Sensor adjustment is guaranteed by a multiturn potentiometer and a push button, which function as a combined operating element with three LEDs for visualizing the configuration, status, and diagnostics. The look and feel when parameterizing a thru-beam sensor, a retroreflective sensor, or a diffuse mode sensor for the R100, R101 or R103 series is the same as for the R200 and R201 designs. This also applies to measuring devices with multiple switch points or distance sensors.

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