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Munich – “Save the bees”: this is the Motto this Thursday (31. January) the desire for two-week registration period for a nation. The initiators want to improve the protection of nature and species. CSU and the farmers ‘ Association to warn against danger, especially for small farmers. The most important questions and answers:

What is the people’s desire to “Save the bees”?

Even if the popular initiative under the slogan “Save the bees” runs, in addition to the hard-working little animal to other species and environmental issues. The initiators want the Bavarian nature conservation law is amended. Among other things, the biotopes are to be better networked, riparian strips more protected and organic farming in Bavaria to be selectively expanded. For example, is required, by 2030 to at least 30 percent of the acreage in Bavaria to farm in an ecologically – so far, there are 8 to 9 percent.

Who has initiated the desire to “Save the bees”?

initiator of the Volksgebehrens is the ÖDP (Ecological-democratic party). You started at the beginning of 2018 in order to collect signatures for the amendment of the law. In order for such an Initiative is approved as a petition, must be submitted to the Ministry of the interior of at least 25 000 signatures, the initiators managed four times.

Who supports the people’s initiative “Save the bees”?

The list of supporters and allies is now a long one: in addition to the country Confederation for the protection of birds in Bavaria and the Green of the Federal nature conservation and the beekeepers Association of a series. Several health food stores, operators and banks expressed their support. And prominent advocates of the project, such as the actors Florian David Fitz, Jutta Speidel and Udo Wachtveitl, the TV presenter Nina Eichinger, the film’s Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller and the musicians of La Brass Banda.

+ Among other things, the Green promote, the popular initiative “Save the bees”, which starts on Thursday in Bavaria.©dpa / Armin Weigel

“The theme of burning man on the nails, therefore, will lead you the desire for success, even if the hurdles for a referendum in Bavaria are very high,” said the parliamentary leader of the Greens in the state Parliament, Ludwig Hartmann.

What do the critics say?

The clearest ‘ no ‘ to the referendum comes from the Bavarian farmers Association, speaks of a “farmer bashing”. “Instead of the farmer’s commitment to environmental protection and nature conservation and to recognize and continue to strengthen, it is made a mood and according to the new regulation called,” says the Bavarian Bauer President Walter Heidl in a Statement. Especially in the criticism: the required Minimum space for organic cultivation. “An expansion of Organic farming to 20 to 30 per cent by law would end in a Disaster for the market for regional organic products.” According to Heidl, the demand for organic items is missing simply. The Association is studying, in the meantime, internally, to what extent, against the people’s desire for legal action can be taken.

What the state says desire of government to the people?

Basically, the state wants to keep government out, said Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Monday. However, his party can see the desire to be “very skeptical”. It could lead”, in particular, smaller farms are giving up on duration”. And be the one that catered primarily to the conservation of nature, said the CSU Chairman. We will now wait to see how the people desire to develop, and then to deal with it. He indicated, however, it could present a more comprehensive counter-proposal, a “larger radius” – “in such a way that bees and farmers be saved,” he said.

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How do you make the people a referendum request?

a Minimum of ten percent of the voters of Bavaria have to 31 within two weeks – between the. January and 13. February – in the town halls in lists. Needed to be on almost a Million. These come together, is the Parliament of the train and has multiple options: He can accept, for example, the proposal for the amendment of the law – as it is – or desire to reject. In the latter case, the citizens are back on the train: In a referendum shall vote all Voting Yes or no on the proposal, the policy could not shake it. The Parliament has the possibility to have also an alternative draft law on the same subject to vote – it is likely to run in the case of the cases, the Söders Comments from the Monday showed, also.

Who can participate in the referendum?

sign all who are at least 18 years of age can be reported, for at least three months in Bavaria, and not otherwise, the right to vote are excluded. To enter, you must provide it in the town halls of their first residence, or in branch – this can be found under this Link. Who wants to a different location in Bavaria, sign, online can download a certificate of registry in his community and with this also in other town halls in his signature.

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