According to a recent press release, “ Inc. and Ltd. announced plans to provide real-time, cost-effective access to the large amount of “static” data required for effective real-time of transactions through the entire post-trade life cycle. Their joint solution brings together best-of-class technologies from Serisys’ advanced platform and ’s system software that optimizes the performance of the underlying hardware. More specifically, the solution takes full advantage of the high-performance and low-latency attributes of recent major innovations in storage media, including NVMe SSDs, 3D XPoint from Intel and Micron Technology, and other versions of storage-class memory.”

Tim Marsh, CEO of Serisys, commented, “At the core of any successful implementation that we do is how seamlessly our platform integrates into our customer’s trading infrastructure. The Levyx team’s domain expertise makes them a great partner and their software stack helps our platform solution achieve peak performance on any hardware in any on-premise or cloud environment. The financial back-office straight through processing (STP) workload is typically heavy for any financial institution’s datacenter. Therefore, partnerships like this one that help lighten the burden for our common customers is a win-win.”

Read more at Globe Newswire.

Photo credit: Levyx

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