Shepherding Internship Program at Shepherd’s Cross

Heart of the Shepherd’s internship program has been in place since 2009. Over 35 interns have graduated from our program. The internship program at the farm equips students with basic farming skills and arms them with Biblical references to farming and shepherding.

The objective of the internship program is to teach an awareness of basic agriculture, develop basic agricultural skills, expose students to the many agricultural parables found in The Bible, and to teach an appreciation for historical agriculture, laced with a healthy appreciation for industrialized agriculture.

Students will learn in the same manner as an apprentice learns. Watch the shepherd, practice with the shepherd, and then do the activity unassisted.

The farm is primarily a sheep farm, with several hundred sheep, however there are many other activities on the farm and through the ministry, Heart of the Shepherd. There is a cattle herd, horses, donkeys, chickens, at least one goat, lama, alpaca, sheep dogs, barn cats, a Farm Museum, a Farm Store, hay harvest, pecan harvest, walnut harvest, walnut hulling, a wool mill, shearing school, fiber arts retreats and classes, a Bible Garden which produces vegetables and fruit for farm use and for sale, and a Mission Shop. There is a live on site veterinarian and a veterinary care unit for the animals on the farm. Opportunities abound for learning.

Dr. Diane Dickinson, the director for the Internship Program, is an agriculturalist with a Bachelors in Agriculture, a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and over five decades of farm and livestock experience. Following her footsteps each day is sure to include a bountiful harvest of learning.

Grandma Wilma is the Bible Garden Tour Guide and harvest Tour Guide. She has been farming and gardening for over seven decades. Walk with her for a few months and learn more about gardening as well as the treasures of The Master Gardener.

Internships may be geared toward one of the following 6 areas

1. General Farm & Shepherding Internship: This internship experience includes working in the fields, working with the sheep and other farm animals; assisting with the Pumpkin Festival; providing Christian, agricultural based educational tours; as well as a vast array of support farm tasks such as field and tree maintenance, harvesting, planting, cleaning & fence maintenance; assist in the Farm Animal Barn.

2. Sheep and Shepherding Internship : this internship has its primary interest focused on shepherding. The busiest season is the spring season, with many opportunities for learning. Learn what Psalm 23 really means while being the shepherd to the pasture raised flock on the farm. Learn how to give Shepherding Tours, and work in the Farm Animal Barn.

3. Bible Gardening Internship: Learn about natural gardening for sustainability, train to be a Bible Garden Tour guide, assist with Garden related educational activities in the Farm Museum.

4. Wool Mill Internship: Learn how to process wool “green” – including washing, carding, spinning, weaving and more. Learn how to give Wool Mill tours and assist with Wool related displays in the Farm Museum.

5. Farm Museum Internship: The Farm Museum & Educational Silo is an agriculturally based museum with hands on learning activities. The museum is indoors and outdoors. Learn how to manage a museum; assist with upgrading the farm museum, be a farm museum tour guide, and learn how the Bible and agriculture are related.

6. Heart of the Shepherd Missions and Missions Shop Internship: Emphasis is on the International Mission

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