Identifier () is one of the key data fusion problems to be solved when integrating data from multiple data sources. In the context of enterprises, building a 360 degree view of your customers is a key need. Data from internal sources (first party), external data brokers (third party), various kinds of partners (second party) and open, public sources needs to “fused” to build this view. Furthermore data from these systems can be at an individual level or group-level where a group may be defined by a variety of criteria.

One fundamental issue in data integration is the use of “different” unique identifiers for individuals across these systems. Data per individual is associated with the identifiers. These identifiers help one not only to access the data but also “engage” with the individual depending on the channel on which the individual is active – for example – cookies on a browser and “Ad Identifiers” on a mobile device or email ids via email. Just to get a sense of the “ID” landscape, we list below –

Cookies – Desktop & Mobile Browsers – Cookies on mobile browser are different from desktop browser cookies. Mobile smartphones will have different cookies from those on mobile …

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