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: 2 of 3: Secrets of it Out – Cross-Functional to Mature Programs

Part 2 of 3: Secrets of Mature DLP Programs – Getting from “How?” to “Wow !”


In the second of the three-part webcast series:

Part 2: Talking It Out – Cross-functional Communication Key to Mature DLP Programs

With data in hand, successful teams work to earn executive support for cross-functional business-leader incident reviews. Without this buy-in workflows are not modified, employee training & discipline is not implemented, and disabling of policies can result.  

Join Symantec on August 30th, and learn:

-Timely workflow adjustments

-Thoughtful policy adjustments

-Consistent employee training & discipline

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About the 3-Part DLP webcast series:
In working with our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) customers, we have found that there is disparity in the DLP program maturity state. Customers that do not have executive support or cross-functional reviews struggle to manage and resolve DLP incidents. This produces and outcome where the number of policies are greatly reduced, workflows are not modified, and/or employee training and discipline are not implemented.

We would like to invite you to join a 3-part webcast series to learn how other DLP customers were able to enhance their DLP deployment into a fully mature DLP program

Upcoming webcasts:
September 20th: Part 3 of 3: Data, Data Everywhere – Increasing DLP Value as Everyone Goes Cloud (Register Now: http://bit.ly/0920DLPwebinar)

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