In a recent announcement, Digital Corporation stated it is extending its data center portfolio into the rapidly evolving in- computing market segment. The new Ultrastar® DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive is their first product allowing customers to better improve in-memory system capacity and performance, for running demanding applications. The memory offers cost-efficient, near-DRAM performance for businesses, to expand memory pools’ sizes by up to 8X the DRAM capacity, while simultaneously offering substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Ashish Nadkarni, group vice president of IDC said, “Today’s requirement for faster analytics, data processing, cloud services and high-performance computing (HPC) is increasing demand for in-memory computing across a variety of industries, including healthcare, telecommunications and IT, and retail. By expanding in-memory capacity, the Ultrastar memory drive helps alleviate the high cost of adding extra DRAM, as well as addresses the physical limitations of available DIMM slots, where scaling is either cost-prohibitive or nearly impossible.”

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