In so many industries, men outnumber women. In STEM fields, it’s especially common to have a small number of women in the workforce. That’s a problem because teams without women are missing out on some truly incredible benefits.

Women have different skills and perspective than men, and it’s this diversity that is so powerful, especially in . With the rise of the women’s movement, businesses need to be aware of their work culture and make an effort to be more diverse. This shouldn’t be something you have to do, though. It’s something you should want to do, for your business, its values, and your bottom line.

Men need to expand their thinking, change, and support women in sharing their ideas and becoming an integral part of every . Here’s why you should bring women on to your data marketing and help to close the gender gap.

Women Can Drive New Success and Innovation

Groupthink kills innovation, and it’s most likely to happen when all members of the team have similar backgrounds and perspectives. A group of white men might all agree with each other and stay the best of friends, but new ideas will probably be rare. When given an opportunity, women …

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