Morning folks, I am looking for a good interface to work with my current Caseta system to expand my home automation setup. I have a small apartment sized-house inside a metal building with a large shop attached. Currently, I am using for the lighting control, and I am 100% happy with it and will not be changing it out. I also have a few smart plugs for lamp/LED strip/traffic light control. These are TPLink Kasa controlled and work great as well. I pretty much use them for scheduling.

To control all of this, I use Echo dots so I rarely, if ever, pick up my phone and actually hit the app(s) to control anything. I want to maintain all of this functionality while expanding to ZWave for other things I want to do. I want a ZWave that isn’t cloud-based, isn’t extremely expensive, has Alexa integration, and is fairly easy to use, setup, and manage.

I am in IT (Systems Engineer) and am not afraid of a Linux-based solution like HA but I don’t want to deal with it. I have looked at HomeSeer, VeraPlus, and SmartThings. I am leaning towards VeraPlus, as long as it will do what I need. ST isn’t really what I want because I believe it’s completely cloud-based, which sucks, and HomeSeer is expensive to purchase, and expand. I’ve read all the issues with Vera but I was wondering if it had gotten any better. Anyone have any input?


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